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Join us at ECR 2022

We invite you to visit Sectra at ECR 2022, where we will demonstrate our complete enterprise imaging offering with Sectra VNA and our Best-in-KLAS PACS for radiology, pathology, and cardiology at its core. Come experience our high-performance, rich diagnostic application and all the time-saving tools you need to optimize your reading and reporting and create brilliant workflows.

Brilliant workflows. Made for you.

Imagine a solution that is always available and can be your single point of access to all the information, tools, and support needed to create precise and actionable results. Sectra can help you tackle the growing pressure in radiology with a unified, easy-to-use, and accessible enterprise imaging solution that provides a holistic patient overview. One comprehensive solution for collaboration without barriers, packed with brilliant features to enhance your workflows, with the speed you demand, including:

We incorporate your ideas into our design, resulting in functionality and workflows that are tailored to your needs. Whether you use Sectra One Cloud or an on-premises solution, you have everything you need in one place. Products made for you.

Selected highlights at ECR

Brilliant workflows for:
oncology follow-up

With integrated lesion tracking, AI, and structured reporting forms, you can improve the oncology reading workflow and generate actionable results. You simply accumulate data over time to aid the oncologist in following-up and making the next decision in the patient pathway more quickly.

Brilliant workflows for:
breast imaging

With all the tools needed for high-volume mammography screening and advanced diagnostic breast imaging workflows available in one application, you can optimize mammography screening reading. Experience the new Sectra Keypad, which distributes the workload while allowing you to focus on the images.

Brilliant workflows for:
MSK radiology

With MSK 2D and 3D tools, you can perform measurements more quickly and precisely than ever before. In addition, our tools make it possible to print 3D models of bone anatomy. Overall, our MSK tools provide precision in a single application.

Solutions on display at ECR

Sectra One Cloud
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