Radiology innovation and its role during the coronavirus pandemic

Sectra webinar in conjunction with ECR 2020 Online

In this webinar you will learn about real cases where technology has significantly helped radiology to overcome challenges in the tough times encountered during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sectra’s Jeroen Dieterman, together with CIO Sarah Jensen and PACS Manager Brian Turner from Barts Health NHS Trust in the UK, as well as radiologist Rogier van Dijk from Isala Hospital in the Netherlands, discuss examples of technologies and functionality that radiologists adopted over a very short period of time, and how this significantly impacted the situation. Some examples that are covered:

  • The use of built-in chat to increase productivity and collaboration in home reading
  • Teaching files to tag COVID-19 cases to quickly learn about the new disease
  • The fast development and implementation of a new structured reporting template for COVID-19 pneumonia
  • Nightingale hospital’s ultra-fast implementation of an image-enabled ICU department


In conjunction with ECR 2020 Online, Sectra arranged three hot-topic webinars with a great line-up of speakers. This was the last out of three, and it was recorded on July 17, 2020. The webinar includes a Q & A session with the panel at the end. Moderator: Jane Rendall, Managing Director, Sectra UK.

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