Successful digital pathology implementations — common denominators

Transitioning from analogue to digital imaging within routine diagnostics in pathology is a big change. In this webinar, we share our vast experience from being part of the digitization of labs around the globe. There are many lessons learned from the early adopter’s journey to going digital. You will get practical tips from our experts on implementation strategy, technology needed, lab processes, and change management when transitioning into digital pathology for routine diagnostics.

Our speakers

Elin Kindberg is the Global Product Manager for Sectra’s digital pathology solution. Her background is in biomedicine and she holds a Ph.D. in Immunogenetics from Linköping University, Sweden. She has been a part of the journey of taking pathology from research to a commercial product within Sectra and has experience from implementations of digital pathology in Europe, the US, Asia, and Australia. As a Global Product Manager, she works closely with pathologists all over the world to understand their specific market needs. She is also responsible for putting together the strategy of digital pathology.

Markus Rålund is the Global Business Lead at Sectra for pathology and holds an M.Sc. in Engineering Management. He has broad experience in medical imaging and has held several roles at the KLAS-awarded medical imaging company, Sectra. He has several years of experience in coaching pathology labs in how to adopt digital imaging in routine diagnostics. As the Global Business Lead, he is responsible for Sectra’s commercial offering within pathology and supports Sectra’s organization and distributors globally by communicating the value of digital pathology and Sectra’s solution in the field.

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