Sectra Lesion Tracking

Speed up the reading and reporting of oncology cases

Sectra’s Lesion Tracking application will speed up the reading and reporting of findings that are relevant to follow over time, such as oncology cases. It assists the radiologist in organizing, comparing and measuring significant lesions in a structured manner. It will also simplify the reporting, since it keeps track of the number of lesions, where they are located and the progress over time. The preparation of the MDT meetings will be simplified, since it is possible to create presentations with the measured lesions within the application. This will increase both efficiency and quality of care.

Fully integrated with Sectra PACS

Lesion Tracking is a light-weight tool that fits into the existing workflow, accessible directly from the radiology workstation. No additional application is launched, meaning no start-up times.

Key features

  • Assists in organizing and comparing lesions, including organized structure showing previous measurements and links
  • Facilitates the identification and positioning of the lesions
  • Keeps track of the number of lesions, where they are located and the progress over time – from multiple time-points and multi-modalities
  • Connects the images to the report by naming the lesions and allowing for quick navigation to the lesion position
  • Adding information to the report
  • CPW and multi MRN support
  • Easy to create a presentation of the measured lesion
  • Provides a ‘Lesion Layout’ that presents an overview of the measured lesions


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