Sectra Anatomical Linking

Find and synchronize points of interest in CT, MR and nuclear medicine images

Sectra Anatomical Linking greatly increases reading efficiency by finding and synchronizing points of interest in CT, MR and nuclear medicine images regardless of the frame of reference, slice thickness and FOV. Users can automatically locate the same position in different images based on anatomical landmarks and thereby quickly identify and compare such findings as tumors and hemorrhages.

Sectra Anatomical Linking is a fully automated solution, integrated in Sectra PACS. Sectra Anatomical Linking application is part of a broad portfolio of advanced visualization applications, all available directly from Sectra PACS.

Key features

  • Links anatomical structures in images
  • Registration between CT, MR and PET images
  • Anatomical Linking can be used in 2D and/or MPR
  • Fully automated


Consolidated imaging

This solution is part of Sectra’s enterprise imaging portfolio.

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