Sectra NM Fusion

Easy fusion of images from different modalities for fast and efficient reading

With Sectra’s NM Fusion application, images from different modalities such as PET/CT and SPECT/CT are easily fused. The application is modality vendor neutral and supports fast and efficient reading. With the application, quantitative analysis of the of the Standardized Uptake Value (SUV) trough VOI Sphere is easily performed.

Seamless integration with Sectra PACS

Fully integrated with Sectra PACS, Sectra’s advanced visualization tool for fusion of PET/SPECT and CT image data can be accessed through the same familiar interface.

The NM Fusion application has an easy-to-use interface that minimizes mouse clicks and focuses on functionality for commonly performed tasks, thereby increasing reading efficiency. As the solution can leverage server-based technology,it provides the freedom to work from any Sectra PACS workstation, meaning there is full access no matter where you are – working in nuclear medicine, in the radiology department or at an MDT meeting.

Sectra’s NM Fusion application is part of a broad portfolio of advanced visualization applications featuring specific oncology workflow tools to keep pace with the rapidly growing diagnostic needs.

I would say it solves 90% of my cases and for those cases, the solution has substantially increased my reading efficiency.

Consultant Oncologist Radiology, Linköping University Hospital, Sweden

Key features

  • Fusion of PET/SPECT/CT image data
  • Support for SUVbw mean and max value through VOI Sphere
  • Fully triangulated PET/SPECT MIP view
  • User adjustable transparency control
  • User selectable color maps and threshold settings
  • Support for multiple time-points
  • When Sectra Anatomical Linking Package license is available, navigation across time-points can be synchronized


Consolidated imaging

This solution is part of Sectra’s enterprise imaging portfolio.

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