How to build a business case for digital pathology

So, you understand the benefits of Shifting to Digital Pathology — now what? In this webinar, you will learn how to take the next steps and build a business case to justify an investment for it. Markus Rålund, Global Pathology Lead at Sectra, will show you how a business case can be used to present realistic figures to hospital management and successfully motivate the investment and help your organization evolve with digital diagnostics.

Our speaker

Markus Rålund is the Global Business Lead at Sectra for pathology and holds an M.Sc. in Engineering Management. He has broad experience in medical imaging and has held several roles at the KLAS-awarded medical imaging company, Sectra. He has several years of experience in coaching pathology labs in how to adopt digital imaging in routine diagnostics. As the Global Business Lead, he is responsible for Sectra’s commercial offering within pathology and supports Sectra’s organization and distributors globally by communicating the value of digital pathology and Sectra’s solution in the field.

This webinar was co-developed with the Ontario Association of Pathologists and was recorded live on May 19th, 2021.

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