Sectra 3D Core

Efficient creation of 3D volumes and MPR reconstructions directly in Sectra PACS

Sectra’s 3D Core solution enables rapid and efficient viewing of 3D volumes and MPR reconstructions directly in Sectra PACS. The user can save and store images, save bookmarks and reconstruct slabs with different thicknesses including MIP, MinIP, etc.

Sectra’s 3D Core solution can either utilize a server based platform or be locally installed on each client. Choosing a server based platform reduces the dependency on powerful clients since in such a set-up, all the heavy calculations are conducted on the server. Thereby, the flexibility in set-up, enables you to interact with 3D images on any Sectra PACS workstation.

Key features

  • 3D volume rendering, MPR, CPR, MIP, MinIP
  • Manual or semi-automatic bone segmentation
  • Save bookmarks, rotational stack, MPR stacks, key images, etc.
  • Available on a server-based platform or as a client installation


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