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Colombian university scales up use of digital technology within medical and healthcare education
The Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud (FUCS) is an institution for higher education in Bogotá, Colombia, that boasts 45 years’ experience of training healthcare sector professionals....
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Sectra has offices in 15 countries and operates through partners worldwide. Please select your country or nearby location for contact details to Sectra offices and regional partners. For other regi...
The AI iceberg: below the surface
Designing the future of healthcare could become everyone’s responsibility. Making that happen will require a new education focus around artificial intelligence for healthcare professionals and patie...
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How digitized histopathology training can offer advantages over microscopes
Sahlgrenska Academy, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, offers education and world-leading research in medicine, odontology, and health and care sciences. They were amo...
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Product | Medical education
Dutch university for radiographers uses Sectra PACS
In 2017, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (UAS) implemented Sectra RIS and PACS to enable its Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy program (MIRT) to better mimic the clinical workflows...
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The path to digital pathology: IT-enabling image and report access across the enterprise
A vision starts with a need, quickly followed by a question—how can we accomplish it? At Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) in New York, the vision to initiate digital pathology coupled with fully i...
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ASME 2021
We invite you to join Sectra at the Disrupted Medical Education — challenging the norms of medical education Virtual Conference. Let us show you how introducing real clinical cases early in the anat...
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IMSH 2021
We invite you to join Sectra at our virtual learning lab at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2021:   “From macro to micro—experience a case on the respiratory...
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Where and how digitization affects the pathology workflow
Until recently, using a conventional light microscope has been standard practice for examining histopathology slides. However, the use of digital pathology is on the rise and many pathology labs are n...
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Dose reduction and monitoring: Challenges and recommendations
In the wake of the Cedars-Sinai CT overexposure scandal, California passed legislation in 2012 mandating the monitoring and reporting of CT-exam radiation dose; since then, dose-monitoring legislation...
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New technology improves anatomy training at Linköping University
Linköping University has ordered the Sectra Table and will be first in the world to apply this innovation in medical education. All seven under-graduate programs at Linköping Faculty of Health Scien...
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Philipps-Universität Marburg first in Germany to introduce innovative table
The Philipps-Universität Marburg was founded in 1527 and has since been a centre for both research and teaching. Today, it has nearly 23,000 students. The Faculty of Human Medicine is the largest fac...
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PACS & EMR integration: Carilion Clinic improves speed, connectivity and access
It was early 2015 when the team at Carilion Clinic decided they had outgrown their PACS and needed to replace their decade-old system. Software lockups were all too common, and they needed to amp up t...
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Telepathology an effective solution for a large Danish hospital
A Dutchman who reviews the skin samples of Danish patients while on holiday in Spain. This scenario is made possible thanks to a digital pathology solution from Sectra. “Without telepathology, I’d...
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Webinar: A digital pathology journey — the Mayo Clinic experience
This webinar explores the digital pathology process that has begun at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. Listen as Mayo representatives discuss their journey into digitizing their pathology solution.
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Cybersecurity—an urgent, serious and rapidly growing concern
The healthcare system is a prime target for cybercriminals, and it is time to start managing these risks more proactively.
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Coping with rising demand: How radiologists are fighting back with tech
Even before the coronavirus pandemic, radiologists have been facing year on year rising demand. University Hospitals North Midlands NHS Trust is one trust that has been using technology to respond. Th...
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The path to digital pathology: learning from Hospital for Special Surgery’s journey
Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City has pioneered a lot of innovation. This time it’s digital pathology. They’re all in with research and consultation and dawning with primary diagnostic...
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The story of mammography screening in Sweden, and how the latest research shows it has halved breast cancer death in women
Dr. László Tabár, by training a radiologist and oncologist from Falun, Sweden, is known worldwide as the “father” of mammography screening. He is certainly one of the key people behind the curr...
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Could chief clinical AI officers help the NHS to save more lives?
Chief clinical information officers didn’t even exist in the NHS a decade ago. Now they have become some of the most influential people in the health service, having a very visible and positive impa...
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Swedish county council shows the way to a successful implementation of enterprise imaging
Region Värmland is a pioneer in enterprise imaging and is currently a world leader in managing and storing medical images, multimedia and patient information in a central, region-wide platform. In a...
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Digital pathology pilot predicts prosperity
When it comes to digital medicine, digital pathology is very late to the game. But its time is coming. The benefits could be many: Bolstering the capabilities, efficiency and reach of individual patho...
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Radiologists slash report turnaround time by 50%
Pioneering speech recognition in Landstinget Västmanland, Sweden, has significantly reduced lead times in radiology. Just six months after integrating Nuance’s SpeechMagic technology into their Sec...
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15 benefits with digital pathology—UMCU share their experiences
University Medical Center Utrecht (UMCU) is the first hospital in the Netherlands—and one of the first hospitals in the world—that has completely switched to digital pathology. Not only do they ha...
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Marketing dose monitoring and reduction to patients
As initiatives for radiation-dose reduction take root in health systems and hospitals around the country—driven, in some cases, by state legislation mandating dose tracking and reporting—these org...
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Supporting digital full-scale primary diagnostics in pathology
Pathology, a labor-intense and historically heavily analogue discipline, is now undergoing digitization. Departments are investing in scanners for the digitization of images and pathologists are adapt...
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The path to collaboration—why and how pathology will digitize
Digital pathology is expected to be the next big digitisation in healthcare and with good reason, writes Jane Rendall, UK managing director at Sectra.
Industry reflections | Digital pathology
Proper integration is key in achieving efficiency in digital workflows—four tips on important demands to impose on your suppliers
Digital pathology has great potential to increase the efficiency and quality of anatomical pathology. A good digital workplace supports the daily work in everything from simple tasks, such as combinin...
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Who can claim ownership of a pathology image?
I am confident that the advantages of digital pathology outweigh those of the analog workflow using a microscope. However, the benefit of glass slides being ‘vendor neutral’ in terms of being revi...
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St. Joseph’s/Candler takes measures to bolster dose minimizing efforts
Amidst increasing concern from patients, as well as increased publicity about the effects of radiation exposure, hospital systems like St. Joseph’s/Candler, serving Savannah and the four surrounding...
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Anatomical Society Winter Meeting
We invite you to join Sectra at the Anatomical Society Winter Meeting 2022, where we will demonstrate how to ensure quality and relevance in medical education by using real-patient images. For more in...
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